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Jun 21, 2020
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.......CC to BTC 1 .........

Hello, thank you for buying me this technique for optimal use please do not follow my instructions no.

This technique is 100% functional is already tested by myself
You will need:
1-Netwire or Ip 100% clean

if you do not want to pay $ 40 for the software netwire the best solution is to take the laptop and take a walk through your house to find WIFI.
[To purchase Netwire GB
Buy version 6 months was $ 40
Spreader your server wawa mania / T411 / etc ...
once on your victims netwire, use the reverse proxy to bypass Paypal Secus.]

or socks
2-Ebay account with Feeds.

3 CC [Not Linked to Paypal] Account Or Paypal OR Bank Account
Type "Bitcoin, Bitcoin 0.1, 0.1 BTC"
Choose the "bone announcement"
Here's a good example to start with: 3ce0511930-BT ...

Always Btc several at a time, in the ad that I give you the person selling 0.05, and have 14 items available so take 10 Never entire stock to avoid suspicion.
When paying, if you pay by cc, check I do not have a paypal account.
if you pay by paypal simply enter your ID.
More waiting to get your BTC
Do not forget to leave me a feed on the sale.


.......CC to BTC 2.......


VMWorkstation (optional)
Socks + VPN
VISA FR / UK / US (test with VISA)
Knowing card on amazon.

1 Enable VPN + Socks less than 100km from the city linked to your CC.
Enable VMWorkstation if you have, if not launch CCleaner and clear your cookies before you launch your browser.

2 Go to the site and register http://purse.IO account. You can only make one transaction when you just sign up, its is released at the second transaction.

3 Go to the transactions tab and select the amount of your interest among the offerings.
(For the first time place an order between 30 and 90 dollars then you can go directly to the
Orders over $ 800))

4 Follow the instructions and the site will direct you to the desired object on

-Create An account on amazon with the name and address of the CC
-Activate Try out the amazon prime (just to the right of My account when you're logged in)
-Add To cart desired by the buyer on amazon object.
- Follow the instructions and shipping address choose the address indicated on purse.IO
in the pre-recorded on amazon.

If you want to have your BTC quickly choose fast delivery as they will be delivered by the escrow
when the buyer has received the item BTC and confirmed on the site
BUT more delivery time is short more control is likely to have an audit by amazon for example if you take one day shipping your order has a 30% chance to make check with phone connected to the DC.

5 Wait until the buyer is delivered and that valid and make the transfer of your wallet has purse.IO, you can create multiple purse account with 1 cc to wink several transactions.

Here, enjoy the friend. If you have any questions do not hesitate. if ou not understand ou can buy complete guide i m posting here free
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