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Jun 13, 2020
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Well this is the Big Issue for the carder why they fail to card Bitcoins with hacked credit/debit cards.
Why fails,
1- Failed to Verify Selfie ID,
2- Phone Verification
3- Type of credit/debit cards, Country, Level of card.
Number of Crypto currency exchanger Required Selfie ID that's hard to get one but there is 1 site with my Personal Experience and success that is Paybis. Only you need to send Passport, DL, National ID etc. But don't Required Selfie With ID.
They Use Very Strong payment Gateway named Simplex Use VBV/MSC method also AVS.
What is VBV/MSC and AVS?
Explanation is here, We need to Understand it in order to success in every part of carding.
What is VBV?
VBV/MSC is the the Short word of (VBV) Verified By Visa and (MSC) MasterCard Secure Code Redirect the card to to the gateway where we need to give additional Infos to Pass the Payment Like Visa mostly ask SSN, ZIP code, DOB and mastercard send OTP (One time Password) to Registered Account Holder's Number.
What is AVS?
AVS actually the Short Word of Address Verification System, Mostly Effect on Addresses of the card Located in USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom. AVS system match Zip code, State, city.

So Lets come to the Tutorial,

Things you need,

1- Sock
2- FireFox Browser
3- Fake or Real ID (Passport, DL, National ID) you can get it free aswell. Usa is the Best Option.
4- USA ID Holder's Fullz profile Which is, Full name (Same as ID), Address, Zip, City, State.
5- USA Number
6- Email Address, (Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc but not temp email)
7- Internet Connection.

Now Load A Sock same as the profile's State,
Browse paybis (.) com
Register Account with profile and your valid email address.
Give USA number, Use Android app, 2ndline and get free USA number.

After Successful Registration, Go to Verification tab and complete the Request by Entering the Profile data and Upload ID you have.
You'll get an email within 10-15 Mins about Level Verified.
You are ready to go,
Now add amount you want to buy, make 1st order max 499$.

You'll go to Payment page,

Payment gateway will send an SMS to your Number and code to your Email address, just verify them.

Enter Same name on Card as profile Name,

Here is the megic to pass AVS and Success in the payment,

Use Belgium Debit card Nonvbv, Private (CC Number, Expiry, CVV) and other infos same as your profile.

Simplex gateway won't care of AVS and will Pass the payment if your CC has enough Balance.

within 15 minutes, you'll see your Wallet with Added Btc.


Enjoy the BTC carding.

Please note that,

This is the Special Tutorial only for ATN Family,
Myself, Done orders manytimes All orders under 499$ (Sorry can't show the Proof here)
This method is Working and not patched. Just Use different Belgium Bins on Each Order.

Good Luck With Carding.

If you Like my Tutorial, Just Rate 5 start and hit Thanks Button Also Success story and good feedback.
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Jan 8, 2021
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I am new to carding can you please be my teacher. Thanks
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